Differences Between Organic vs. Non-Organic Food

Major Differences between Organic and Non-Organic Food Products

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Shape and Size

While purchasing organic food, you might be able to notice the substantial differences between organic and non-organic food instantly. Organic food habitually comes in various different shapes and sizes. Compared to the organic produce, the non organic turn-out is often comes in a similar shape and size. Thus while we state the organic produce to be imperfect, the non-organic turn-out is always somewhat perfect. This is because the non-organic turn-out is often treated with a range of growth enhancing chemicals. These chemicals often bring up the grade of the non-organic turn-out. Therefore, this is the sole reason for the organic meat to turn out in different sizes, while the non-organic meat produce often turns out having a similar shape and size.

Difference in Quality

Defining the actual quality differences between the organic and non-organic turn-out is sort of difficult due to the fact that people assign differing values to quality when it comes to organic and non organic turn-out. It is absolutely necessary for organic food produce to meet the same values that apply to the non-organic products. However, compared to the non-organic turn-out, organic food is supposed to meet additional standards in order to raise its position and receive a certificate of dignity where its quality is concerned.

Well coming back to square one, there is a quality difference between organic food and non-organic turn-out. This is because organic produce contains minimum synthetic substances and additives. Along with this, organic food grows in a healthy environment, and the farming practices are done by following strict rules and regulations. On the other hand the non-organic food items lack in these attributes. Therefore, comparatively speaking organic food has better quality though it maybe imperfect in shape and size.

Pesticides and Food Additives

The most tangible and substantial difference between organic food produce and non-organic produce lies in the fact that, there are several food additives and pesticides used for enhancing the growth of non-organic products, while this is not the case with organic products. Adding synthetic substances for modification in non- organic products is not at all a good idea. These added preservatives and substances may cause several diseases among human beings and animals when consumed. However, the use of additives, pesticides and synthetic substances are limited when it comes to organic food. This is what makes organic produce a healthy turn-out.

Lastly, both organic products and non-organic products have separate divided markets assigned for them. None of them are allowed to be sold in the same market, and is the most important difference between the two. However, you should be very careful while choosing your food. Try your best to consume organic produce only.

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